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Aug 5, 2019

With one threat down, our wary heroes continue to explore the stygian depths of the Coster Thibaren in search of answers and artefacts. What happened here? Who exactly is Mr Flesh? And what other horrors lie in wait on this cursed ship?

Presenting Episode 12 of the Coldfire Chronicles!


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Jul 22, 2019

Our heroes have made it to the Coster Thibaren, an ancient freighter laden with heavy purpose and dark mysteries. Somewhere on this ship is the knowledge they seek to progress their search for the truth about Daverin Coldfire. But is this vessel as empty as they first believed?

Presenting Episode 11 of the Coldfire...

Jul 8, 2019

Before our crew can find the answers they seek, they must find something to trade. Their journey takes them to a derelict freighter called the Coster Thibaren, and a stolen artefact contained within. But something lies sleeping on board, and our heroes may yet wake it up...

Presenting Episode 10 of the Coldfire...

Jun 24, 2019

Normal service is resumed as we rejoin our heroes exiting Hyperspace and on their way to their Rebel contact. But nothing ever goes easy for our weary crew, and soon they face the greatest challenge of their lives... an audience with an Ithorian!

Presenting Episode 9 of the Coldfire Chronicles!



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May 13, 2019

Resentment. Distrust. Fear. Anger. The influence of the Dark Side waxes over our heroes as they make their final preparations to leave Port Haven. Can the galaxy's longest running and most beloved soap opera help heal the rifts?

Presenting Episode 8 of the Coldfire Chronicles!


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