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Dec 21, 2020

Our heroes - albeit slightly diminished - have located the secret labs where the bio-weapon is being held. All they need to do now is get it and get out and their slates will be clear. Simple enough, right?


To celebrate a whole host of milestones, we're doing another giveaway! 5 of you will win a Force Majeure exclusive adventure journal from Silverwing Armoury, a branded dice bag and rolling tray from Board Game Solutions and some other awesome loot! 

To enter, reply to the pinned message with your favourite memories of the show so far using #FMPodBig50! Patrons get a bonus entry too if you want to double your chances!


We are delighted to be joined by Ben and Leslie from the outstanding Heroes of the Hydian Way podcast! If you're not already listening to them, you are missing out on an absolute treat!

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"Rollin' at 5"
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"The Long Rain"
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