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Jan 7, 2019

With the adventure over (for now) our cast sit around the table and talk a load of utter guff. We reflect upon the season just gone, talk about our characters and answer some fan questions, and then look forward to Season 3 and the return to the Coldfire Chronicles.


We are coming up to our first anniversary, and to mark this we want to give you some treasure! The prizes are a dice bag of your choice from our friends at Board Game Solutions, and a simply amazing Force Majeure adventure journal from the eminently talented Silverwing Armoury!

To enter, either tweet us @forcemajeurepod or post to our Facebook page with your favourite moments from the show so far, and use #FMPodMemories so that we can find them all! Winner will be announced at the start of Season 3!

Our patrons get entered automatically, so for a second chance to win you can always pop along to our Patreon and sign up there as well ;-)


In today's episode we chatter about Starburst Magazine (their Twitter is here) and also the Brave New Words podcast. We also once again harken back to those two titans of Star Wars podcasting, Redemption and Dice for Brains

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