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Jun 5, 2023

With the vicious vegetation vanquished, our heroes press further into the surprisingly well-equipped conference centre on the back of Ben-Akai, in search of the root of the evil which lingers there...


Adam can be found as @MaddamBeltaine on Twitter and on Mastodon

Ed can be found as @ed_fortune on Twitter and on Mastodon

Mikey can be found as @weaselpunk on Twitter

Mim can be found as @Mimskymim on Twitter

Ross can be found as @Narrativium on Twitter

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Intro Music:

Composed by Sly Fox Audio - check out more of her stuff on

Additional Music:

"Star Freighter" and "Generation Ship" by Tabletop Audio.

The following music was used for this media project:

Music: Fly Faster Chicken by Alexander Nakarada

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All used with gratitude under the Creative Commons licence.

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