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May 20, 2024

Deep in the lava flows beneath the surface of Cerea, our pressurised protagonists have been snatched by the tentacles of a lava kraken! With only the flimsy shell of the Grebnax between them and a fiery end, can our heroes get away uncindered?


Adam can be found as on Bluesky

Ed can be found as @ed_fortune on Twitter, on Mastodon and on Bluesky

Mikey can be found as @weaselpunk on Twitter

Mim can be found as @Mimskymim on Twitter

Ross can be found as @Narrativium on Twitter

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Instagram: forcemajeurepod

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Intro Music:

Composed by Sly Fox Audio - check out more of her stuff on

Additional Music:

"Pool of Radiance (music only patreon exclusive version" by Tabletop Audio

Used with gratitude under the Creative Commons licence.

For full credit and links please see the Credits page of our website.