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Apr 8, 2024

Through the shield and in their mechs, our plucky fireteam plummet from low earth orbit to their first target - a jamming tower blocking communications with Control. 

Reactors thrum and missiles roar - it's The Mecha Hack!


This excellent Mecha Hack is by Absolute Tabletop, and is a variant of The Black Hack, developed by David Black. Check out Absolute Tabletop on their website or on DriveThruRPG!


Adam can be found as @MaddamBeltaine on Twitter, on Mastodon and on Bluesky

Lukas was played by Riley - find him on the Force Majeure Discord!


Ruhk was played by Chris - find him on the second season of The Otherplace, the current season of The Foxglove Letters, and scattered around many other shows doing voice acting!


Fae was played by Sammi - find her as @GoddesSammi (with one fewer s's than you might think) on both Twitter and Bluesky


Nox was played by AceyJ - find them also on the Force Majeure discord!

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Intro Music:

Composed by Sly Fox Audio - check out more of her stuff on

Additional Music:

"Inertia" by Di Evantile

"The Lift" by Kevin MacLeod (

All used with gratitude under the Creative Commons licence