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Welcome to Force Majeure! We are an Actual Play podcast using Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars: Force and Destiny.

The show can be found on Twitter at @ForceMajeurePod, and via email at

The crew also lurk about on Twitter and can be found at:
Adam - @maddambeltaine
Mikey - @weaselpunk
Ed - @ed_fortune
Ross - @narrativium
Mim - @mimskymim

As well as curating the main Twitter page, Adam also has a blog about games, life and general nonsense which can be found at Maddam's Musings

Mikey and Mim also blog and tweet about boardgames - they can be found on Twitter @allthemeeple and online at Meeple Watching

A lot of the ambient sounds we use in the game are courtesy of Syrinscape
Because Epic games need Epic game sounds and they don't get much more epic than that!