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Apr 30, 2018

With Pyjak freed from his cell and out of Imperial hands, all that's left to do is escape from the base without being killed by Stormtroopers, unravel the mysteries of their mentor, work out exactly what Coldfire's Mercy is and get off planet before Tenth Brother arrives. And do this before their cups of tea go...

Apr 16, 2018

Our heroes plan to liberate their mentor is not going exactly to plan. With time now even more of the essence, and enemies closing in, will they succeed in freeing Pyjak and escaping from the prison or will they be joining him warming a cell?

Presenting Episode 7 of the Coldfire Chronicles.

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Apr 2, 2018

Our heroes have successfully made their way into the Imperial base. As they work out how to get to their captive mentor, an ally emerges who may prove pivotal to their success.

Presenting Episode 6 of the Coldfire Chronicles.

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