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Aug 14, 2023

With almost every piece of the puzzle on the table, the signs all point to the Falaster Droidworks as being the lynchpin of the mystery. Can our gumshoes get there in time to save Dusko being lost, like tears in the rain that never stops falling?


Adam can be found as @MaddamBeltaine on Twitter, on Mastodon and on Bluesky

Lou can be found @PlotOtter on Twitter

Leslie can be found @LeslitGS on Twitter

Mark can be found on Mastodon and

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Intro Music:

Composed by Sly Fox Audio - check out more of her stuff on

Additional Music:

"Sleek Panther (Slower version)"

"Shady Business"

"Smoky Lounge"

"Sneaky Action"
"Closed Curtains (Slower Version)"

All from Fesliyan Studios


"Covert Affair"
"Deadly Roulette"

"Hard Boiled"

"I Knew A Guy"

"Dances and Dames"

All from Kevin MacLeod


"Noire #1" by Music by Pedro


"The Inspector" by Frank Schroeter (Free download:


"Sunny Summer [Full version]"  by MusicLFiles (Free download:

All used with gratitude under the Creative Commons licence.

For full credit and links please see the Credits page of our website.