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Jan 16, 2023

The exhibition of oddities just got a lot odder, and Captain Hands may not be the best person to be in charge! Fortunately, midnight is closing in and with that a change of command - but will the clock tick in time to save our stellar stewards?

Find out here, now, as the Outer Dark trilogy concludes!


RJ Barker can be found at:
Twitter: @dedbutdrmng
Twitter: @rjdarker

Del can be found at:
Twitter: @Del_irium


These episodes are played using the Lasers and Feelings system by John Harper,  which can be found at One Seven designs here:

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Additional Music:

"Space Explorers"
By Kevin MacLeod (

"Starship Bridge"
"Star Freighter (ambient only Patreon exclusive)"
"Weirder Things 2"
"Generation Ship (ambient only Patreon exclusive)"
By Tabletop Audio

"8 Bit Menu (Slower Version)"
By Fesliyan Studios

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